Long Range Program Planning (LRPP) Committee

Propose a Symposium

The Long-Range Program Planning (LRPP) Committee is responsible for organizing symposia at National ACS Meetings (Spring and Fall) and Pittcon.

Information for Organizers
The committee is co-chaired by the ANYL Program Chair and a member of the LRPP.

The LRPP is a great way to get involved in the Division!

Present LRPP Membership
Kimberly Agnew-Heard (Altria Client Services) co-Chair
Matt Bush (University of Washington) co-Chair
Lane Baker (Indiana University) ex-Officio
Robbyn Anand (Iowa State University)
Shelley Claridge (Purdue University)
Theresa Evans-Nguyen (University of South Florida)
Chuck Gardner (Pittcon)
Joey Genereux (University of California, Riverside)
Jennifer MacLachlan (PID Analyzers, LLC)
Alexandra Ros (Arizona State University)
Amanda Stockton (Georgia Tech)
Yong Zeng (University of Kansas)
LRPP Files